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Introducing Ambee - monitors what you breathe and does a lot more

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Know what you breathe

You breathe more than 20,000 times a day but there aren't much options that tell you anything about the air you breathe. Ambee monitors what you breathe, gives you the advisories when the air becomes harmful, suggests you places and keeps you productive.

Particulate matter from a portable PM2.5 sensor

Ambee is a small, light weight device with a PM 2.5 sensor which lets you do the following

Ambee Air Pollution Monitor
  • PM2.5 to Particulate matter

    Measures levels of PM2.5 all the time, maintains a log of it, tells you about what you breathe!

  • Keeps you going

    As you breathe pollution free air, you will be healthier, happier and more productive. 

  • Monitor Ambee from Mobile

    Connects to our mobile app and notifies you of anything that is and something something something

  • Determine Health Index

    Find your exposure to healthy environment versus unhealthy ambience on any given day, real-time.

  • Realtime Heatmap

    You can carry it in your bag or simply pocket it, keep it on your office desk. It monitors the air around you all the time

  • Realtime Data through Mobile

    This connects to a machine learning module that sends advisories, helps you avoid air pollution and stay healthy

  • Intelligence about air

    Offer customers a wealth of information while conserving valuable vertical space on your homepage.

Why you need Ambee?

Clean Design. Thoughtfully Engineered.

These sensors keep you connected to your ambience, protects you from anything harmful to your wellbeing and productivity. At your desk at work or on the dashboard of your car, always know what you breathe.

Productivity. Now Improved.

No more feeling too tired or too sweaty or going through headaches. Better information means better ambience. That means a better and productive you.

Understand Routine

Through machine learning, Ambee learns from your routine and recommends you the cleanest of places to jog, workout, to take your child for a walk or turn on the air filters to your work or home.

Why this is happening?

Watch a short documentary on air pollution and how it is affecting us all